Why We Still Need Funerals

Funerals are one of the most sacred, time-honored traditions. From the beginning of time, civilizations and cultures of all kinds have practiced rituals to honor and celebrate loved ones after they pass. However, in recent years, some families have begun to question if this is still a necessary practice—particularly in cases where the death is sudden or the deceased leaves no plan in place. In these instances, foregoing a funeral may seem like a way to save time, money or heartache—but abandoning this important ritual can have serious and lasting negative impact on the lives of family members.


Celebrating Life through Funeral Services

Funerals serve two main purposes: the first is to remember that person the way we knew them in life. That’s why funeral and memorial services often incorporate personal stories, photographs, videos and personal artifacts as a tribute to the deceased. This helps us remember their life, acknowledge their death and gain support by gathering amongst a close network of loved ones.


Saying Goodbye and Beginning the Grieving Process

The second purpose of a funeral is to say goodbye. At the service, survivors must accept the reality of death—this is the first major step toward activating the grieving process, gaining closure and healing. Those who choose to forego the funeral may find it harder to move on and continue to struggle with the loss for months, years—maybe even forever. In these cases, it is common to regret not holding a funeral service and even feel guilty about not giving a loved one the life-honoring tribute they deserved.


At the end of the day, funerals are more important to the living than the deceased. They give us a chance to celebrate life while finding comfort and closure. And while funerals are a longstanding tradition, they don’t have to look or feel like it. Funerals today can be tailored to reflect the individual. They can be somber or more celebratory, depending on what you and your loved ones need to begin the healing process.

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