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Mrs. Linda Jean Shaw passed away with peace and grace, surrounded by family, on October 19th, 2018 in Rochester, NY. Linda was 70 years old. Born in Oneida NY as Linda Jean Miller, to parents Carol and Sidney Miller, she spent her early years with her parents and her baby sister, Wendy, living on a farm in Canastota, NY. At the age of 6 she left Canastota with her mother, embarking on a childhood with many homes and hurdles. Her upbringing wasn’t an easy one, and she handled more challenges than any child should. She attended Monroe High School in Rochester. She married Mike Locke and became a young mother (to the first of 5 daughters) after her 18th birthday. She became a single parent in the early 70’s, so she pulled herself up and tried to be self sufficient in an era far before that was common. She enrolled in (and graduated from) the Isabella Graham Hart School of Nursing in the early 1970’s. She met her second husband, Todd Geitner, and remained in Rochester until 1975. After testing the waters in Aurora IL (1975-1982) and Las Vegas NV (1982-1994), she returned to the Eastern suburbs of Rochester in 1994 seeking greener pastures with her third husband, KV, and their young twin girls. Always harkened to her roots, she was most happy in nature, surrounded by trees, cows, pets, and flowers. Her superpower was that she could grow *anything, including beautiful rose bushes in the sand of the Las Vegas desert. (*The exception was growing watermelon in the desert. Her daughter learned some 4 letter words during this dire effort). Linda had many health concerns as she aged but her heart, full of combustible love, was strong to the end. She was the kind of person who loved so big it often overwhelmed her. She was a beautiful and imperfect woman, and despite her desire to control her emotions, she burned a few bridges along the way. Her soul calmed in later years. She met the goal of most, improving with age and getting better at understanding herself. Even with this, she didn’t always see her past actions clearly, or quite grasp their affect on others, and some bridges were beyond repair. She accepted this. She knew we all loved her, and she loved us all every day of her life, even on the hard ones. As are all of us, Linda was so much more than a few faults. She would give you the shirt off her back, even if she didn’t have another. Had she been a billionaire, she’d have given away every dime. She had the skills to sew a perfectly tailored prom dress, and to take beautiful photos before sending her girls off with their dates. She loved to give gifts, especially ones that she created with her heart and soul…like handmade photo albums or scrapbooks. She was the keeper of memories. She smoked like a fiend, but was strong enough to quit (a few times). She tickled her grandchildren like it was an olympic sport, and they knew when she’d get “the look” in her eye. She had the heart of a child, and could be silly with anyone. She had a big laugh, and loved to use it. Yet when you needed to talk, she would listen, offer encouragement or advice. She was a great cheerleader when you needed to overcome a hurdle. She was a night owl her whole life, and if she was home, she’d always answer…no matter what the time. Being a nurse was one of her proudest accomplishments and greatest joys. She loved her patients, and cared for them like family. During her long 30+ year career, she worked as a nurse in nursing homes and hospitals, including Desert Springs Hospital in Las Vegas, Wayne County Nursing Home in NY, and Crest Manor in Perinton NY. When Linda lost her husband, KV, in 2013, she was heartbroken. In recent years, she found a good friend in her first husband, Mike Locke of Rochester. As a testament to the kind of soul she was, even after all the years between them, this friendship highlighted the gravitational pull she always held for those around her. Her second husband, Todd, also had kind words to convey to her before she left this world. Linda loved more than anything to feel needed and helpful. Her passionate heart, silly soul, and big laugh will be greatly missed. Linda was preceded in death by her husband of 39 years, the gentle and loving KV Shaw; her mother Carol Calkins and stepfather Jack Calkins, and her birth father Sydney Miller. She is also preceded in death by her cherished dogs Dex, Ebon, and Bear and her favorite parrot Andy. Linda is survived by her younger sister, Wendy Miller of Rochester. Her surviving children are Tracy Markle and husband Patrick of Brockport; Kari Locke of Las Vegas NV, Jeannie Chambers and wife Maria of Long Beach NY; Kelly Shaw and fiance Dan Black of Rochester; Beth Andres and husband Louis of Watertown. Her much-loved grandchildren are Ryan Markle, Kevin Markle, Dylan Markle, Kori Locke-Wells, Alix Locke-Wells, Henry “Marshmallow” Chambers, Louis “Pork-Chop” Andres, Quinn “French-Fry” Andres, Noah “Ketchup” Andres, and Amelia “Pickles” Andres. Her surviving nieces and nephews are Teri Lynne Best and husband Kevin, Eric Paninski and Lisa Paninski. Her surviving pet is her loving dog Skeeter, who has found a wonderful home with Teri and Kevin Best. Wherever she is, she’s smiling, knowing he’s loved. Memorial Services and interment will be held at the Bath National Cemetery, in Bath NY, on Thursday May 16th, 2019. She will join her late husband, KV, in a dance for all time. If you feel so inclined, donations can be made to Linda’s 2 most loved charities: The ASPCA or PETA. Pets ranked as high as humans in her world, and this would make her smile, wherever she may be dancing.

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