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marion bohrer
Greece: Sunday, May 29, 2011: After 80 years of making this world a more beautiful place, Marion has left us. She was a devoted caretaker of earth, nature, and animals and a mother to us all. Her very dear niece and nephew, Paula and John considered her a second mom. She was predeceased by her parents, Rose and John Koronkiewicz; her son, James and sisters, Florence Allen and Virginia Koronkiewicz. She is survived by Bob, her devoted husband of 60 years, loving children, Katherine (Les) Hanrahan-Drews, Robert, Jr. and Caroline; dear sisters, Geraldine Allen and Norma Sarvey; sister-in-law, Betty Bohrer; brother and sister-in-law, Eugene and Cora Bohrer; grandchildren, Jesica, Megan, Robert, Lauren, Katherine, Robert, Corey and Maura and great-grandchildren, Kaylan, Dilan, Orion, Drew, Casey, Shaye and Evelyn as well as several nieces and nephews and their spouses. A memorial service will be held at Garland Cemetery at the convenience of the family.

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  1. as i started to write a memory i realized there are too many.everything from holidays to the ‘Thursday’ breakfast, to the simple phone calls that would make me laugh. i love you grandma, and ill miss you more than anything.

  2. Dear Great – Grandma,
    We wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful Great-Grandma to us. Each and every time we visited your eyes lit up with joy. We were very lucky to have such a kind, loving, thoughtful Great-Grandmother. Our Dad and Mom will be sure to remind us of you all the time and share with us the special pictures and memories we created. We love you.
    ~ Casey & Evelyn

  3. Grandma – You were always such a big part of my life, as far back as I can remember. I’ll never forget the very early morning breakfast, especially the warm shredded wheat, you prepared when I slept over as a young child. The Christmas parties were priceless, not sure we ever made it through ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ without a mistake. You will be missed dearly. Love you always & forever.

  4. Grandma Bohrer was one of the most sincerely nicest people in this world. I will especially miss Grandma and the memories we would all share together around Christmas. Even with the cousins in their 20s and 30s, we would all love to do the ’12 days’ at Grandma and Grandpas house. You are loved and will be missed…

    Love, Rob.

  5. Grandma lived as the the personification of kindness, love, and creativity. Until the end, she stood strong as our family’s matriarch. Nearly three decades of memories can’t be summed up within narrow confines; incredible home cooked meals, painting the tree swing, the chaotic Christmas festivities, running up the dual staircases with the cousins as a child and playing hide and seek, the familiar sound of ‘Bobbbbb!’ whenever she needed a small favor from grandpa. Every time we spoke I could look forward to a new gem of knowledge. Every time. Grandma seemed to understand the Earth in a way that few others do. I feel that we are all blessed to be a part of her wisdom, and together with her as family.

  6. Grandma, when I see you I see the picture of grace, of boundless love. I see so much of you in myself; your love of cooking, your nurturing spirit, your faith, your celebration of the earth, your selfless devotion to family, your appreciation of literature, of words, and your artistic talent, the depths of which was only hinted at in your home and in your garden. I think of your smile, your arms open to embrace, and the love you gave generously to all who walked through your door and I know you are my hero, my watermark for what it means to be a woman, a mother, a friend, a wife. You had an unbridled enthusiasm for the little things in gave each moment a kind of light and splendor. My memories of you sparkle. Your words ring through (glorioski!) I often think of a story that was told about your decision as a young woman to give yourself to God. As courageous as this impulse was in your youth, I know as a daughter, a wife, and a mother that it takes much more bravery to serve God in this world through service to family. You have given us all so much’¦.this extraordinary family, this collection of ecstatic souls, which I am BLESSED to be a part of. To have this life, with all of its struggle, and all of it’s beauty…it is the greatest gift. I know you are smiling down, I know your love has not stopped’¦ You are an angel, a bluebird flown over the rainbow at last, and my love goes with you.


  7. I enjoyed very much my visits with Marion and the friendly phone calls. The may flower gift on mothers day was very special. I have planted it in my lakeside garden.

  8. I met Mrs. Borher about 7 years ago when I lived in the little house behind her and Mr. Borher. I quickly learned how caring of a person she was. She always use to ask if I was hungry and if I wanted anything to eat. The next thing I know she is bringing me down a homemade raspberry pie. She was just as caring with animals. One day I visited her and she was looking out her window where she drew a little circle with chalk and in the circle put a worm for the Blue Birds in her tree. It was then that I realized that she just loved taking care of every one and everything. She always foung the good and unique ualities in everyone and appreciated them for who they were. Mrs. Borher was one of God’s gift to all us and she will be greatly missed!

  9. I only had the fortune of knowing Marion Bohrer for about the last 15 years of her life. It did not take me long to realize that she was one of the kindest, warmest, and most giving of people. It did not take me long to start calling her ‘MA’. it did not take me long to love her. I wish I had said it more. It’s so easy to say you know… I love you. Your parents, your children, to anyone who means so much to you, that it seems unbearable for them to be gone.
    I know that she knows she was loved. By all who knew her. I still wish I had said it more. For the second time in my life I regret not saying ‘I LOVE YOU’ at every opportunity. The first time was when my grandfather died many years ago, and now.
    It won’t happen again. If there is one thing I have learned from this pain, it is to say those three words.
    Take those you love… Hug them… Hold them… And say I Love You. Too soon we may lose the chance.

  10. I was so blessed to have had two wonderful mother-in-laws. Marion was like Mother Earth. She even knew the latin names for her plants. Marion’s gardening was like an act of God,her plants like her children. Her cooking was so creative. I have so many fond memories of the feasts she would create for Easter and Christmas Eve. I can hear her say Pshaw and glorioski – -. I was in NYC over the weekend and I went to St. Patrick’s cathedral and lit a candle in her memory. As I was saying a prayer for her, I could FEEL her spirit and she was so happy. Peace to her family at this difficult time, as we all feel your pain. I am thankful that she blessed my life by her presence.

  11. Kathy (Mr. Bohrer, Bob, Carolyn, (Jamie, you have been reunited) I am so sorry for your loss. I have so many pleasant memories of being at your house on Straub Road. I can’t come to Rochester without driving by your house, the Pallo’s and our house (have ya noticed how much harder they are to pick out?). Memories of playing at your house…flying off the swing set/picnic table as Mighty Mouse; or waiting on Jerry the ice man to ask him to cut us off a big chunk of ice to nibble on a very hot day. A duty I suspect was NOT in his normal delivery job description. Ma Bohrer always provided the paper towels or napkins.

    Or the fun I had out in Walker when Kathy tried to stretch my short torso from one end of her iron bed to the footboard so I could be as tall as she was which by the way, didn’t work… I’m still barely 5′. I was also in awe that you had a claw foot tub! I also saw my first horse being born there too…got lost in the corn field and if I recall, cracked my tailbone trying to do some sort of acrobatic move off a tree stump. I still have a picture of you, holding me on your shoulders with Carolyn on top of me…no wonder I couldn’t grow!

    Throughout all these years (50+), Kathy (and Yarrow) and I have kept in touch…maybe not as frequently as we would have liked, but we were always able to pick up where we left off. And where we disconnected…we reconnected.

    Since I moved away, I’ve stopped in to see Bob and Marion on Ridge Road and Marion was always just as motherly to me as if I never left. She always asked about my mom (whom I lost 5 years ago).

    I know the pain of losing someone. I lost my youngest son, my mom, my brother-in-law and my dad (back in January) all within the last ten years…but family and friends and God will get you through the loss. I am so sorry. Marion will truly be missed.
    Kathy I am here for you anytime.

  12. Marion –
    As you know, my grandmother and I were best friends. Thank you for all the butterflies you have given me over the years to remind me of my grandma.

    When I married Bobby, I was so excited to have a Grandma & Grandpa again – thank you for being so loving and kind to us.

    I will miss you very much – and I know you are more comfortable now in Heaven.

    Be sure to look up my Grandma while you are there- I think the two of you would really hit if off 🙂

    Love, Jen

  13. Marion made herself available to all… I could always count on her to deliver a Smile, a Story or a Deep Question. These I would handle to the best of my abilities. She missed her calling, for ‘Her’ way with words in the written form (not to forget her GREAT penmanship) have Never Been Discarded By me. I have them all !!!
    A Chinese Dinner… a loaf of ‘warm’ Martucello’s … a fresh onion pizza… brought a sparkle to her eyes and satisfaction to her palate.
    A woman of simple needs… with a Royal Command of ALL that surrounded her. Marion, truly a woman that stood for life, love and family, will be missed… but her memory will endure ‘per cente anni.’

  14. Marion was my mother in law & no one could ask for a better person to be part of family. Marion was always happy & conveyed that to everyone she met. She will be dearly missed not only by me but everyone she touched. Marion, put a good word up there for me I may need it.
    Love Always Big Bob

  15. Marion was such a beautiful person inside and out. She always had a kind or thoughtful thing to say…I loved chatting with her at the family parties. She will be missed greatly and our thought and prayers are with your family.

  16. Marion was the most beautiful person inside and out, she touched our lives in so many ways throughout the years. Her loving and caring personality was truly amazing. She loved her family so deeply. ‘Look at all my beautiful children’ will be etched in my heart forever.
    Marion had so many quirky expressions, you couldn’t help but repeat them for days on end.
    ‘Oh Jesus Maria’!!
    May she rest in peace and may her family heal swiftly. Many heavy hearts are among us…..many prayers to her family.

  17. Mrs.Marion Bohrer aka granny grunt-old bird. I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful woman through her equally beautiful daughter Kathy. It was a warm summer night in 1972, there was a knock on the door where I shared an apartment with this beautiful blond, no names to protect the innocent. There stood Marion and she asked if Kathy lived there, I couldn’t say because, remember no names to protect the identitiy of this woman. This became a long lasting relationship between Marion and I. Oh yea, that beautiful blond, I have no idea what became of her. (Still after forty years give or take a year kathy and i are the best of friends.)

  18. Now would be a good time to reflect on those early hints. Right?
    ‘Ma Bohrer’ compelled me to expand: to gravitate toward what’s authentic, to cultivate the art of everyday bliss, the work of perfecting the virtuous heart, and that low-key blissful sense of union with pretty much everything. The heartfelt capacity and sublime understanding that we can’t even imagine right now will continue as we hear her words…for the next plateau does not end with a period but with a comma.

  19. One of my most vivid memories of Gramma was her and I reading and solving the curious mystery book ‘The Eleventh Hour’ – An illustrated ‘children’s’ book first published in 1988. We never finished it…. but gosh were we close to solving the mystery.

    My Favorite memory though?? Why it was Keeping my money balled up when we’d play Monopoly! Grandma rule #1: Don’t keep your money in a Wazzle!’

    Love you grandma. No one will ever simmer sweet rhubarb like you did. You’ll always will be within me & us.

  20. Thank you, Mim’¦..
    I hope you know what an important, powerful force you were in my life, because no words will ever capture the feelings of gratitude, respect, and love you inspired. You were a second Mother to me; so few can claim such a treasure. Not only did you take on the daunting task of helping to raise me, but also you were always such a calming presence, even with four other children of your own to raise (none of us whom were a picnic)! I know there were probably many times I never realized the life lessons that were being passed along; I can only hope I absorbed the best of your abundant knowledge. You always seemed to have and inner peace that allowed you to flow through life, always upbeat, one to whom many seemed to gravitate to when any difficult questions or situations arose that needed a guru to solve. The memory of the sound of your voice will forever be a soothing balm. And so I can say that it is relief that I feel to know that you don’t have to face any more days of just trying to endure the pain that wouldn’t let you be. I can only hope that you’ve found a nice, comfy hammock to curl up in with a good, juicy book with a cool balsam breeze wafting by your nose. Knowing you’re in the best of company now and forever, eases the ache a little bit, but this life will never be the same without you in it.
    There are no words to express how honored I am to have had you in my life and so to Bob, Kath, Caroline, Bob Jr. and James, thank you so much for sharing.
    Love and peace forever,

  21. The Bohrer Family,

    I was very sad to hear that Marion had passed away. She was always a joy to be around. When the holidays arrived I really enjoyed her cooking. Marion was a terrific MOM & GRANDMOM. She will be missed.
    Jim Hanrahan

  22. To: Bob, Bob,jr., Kathy, and Caroline, we cannot tell you guys how much we loved your mom and how very important she (and your dad) were in our lives. Karen always knew that I was in great hands as long as I was living at 3639 Ridge Rd. West. For 13 years they gave me (us) love and shelter.
    We have lost so much, but not near as much as all of you. We thank God that we were priviliged to know her.

  23. words can’t describe how much you meant to me and what an impact you have made in my life.
    I will love you forever and you will always be in my heart. I thank you for many great memories and words that I will carry always.

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