Dorothy Prempeh

dorothy  prempeh

January 13, 1989 ~ September 26, 2022

Born in: Rochester, New York
Resided in: Rochester, New York

Dorothy Prempeh


Dorothy was born in Rochester, New York to Mr. & Mrs. Prempeh on January 13th 1989. She started school at Andrew J Townson School and Frederick Douglass Middle School. She had her SHS education at Aburi Girls Secondary School in Ghana. She continued at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi and graduated with first-class honours. She returned to Rochester in 2012 and studied for an AAS degree at (MCC) Monroe Community College.


She worked for JCPenney’s at Marketplace Mall and went on to join the staff of Regional Transit Services(RTS) where she worked for 6 + years. Following this she started working for Hillside Children’s Center, to follow a passion of working with children, at the end of 2021 until her death.


She sustained an ankle injury at work and was recuperating at home. Dorothy passed away peacefully during her afternoon sleep on the 26th of September 2022. The shock of her death is too much for us to bear. She is survived by her loving extended family and friends, her parents and her siblings Derrick, David Denise and Doreen Prempeh. May God grant you Eternal rest ‘till we meet again. You will forever be in our hearts.


Fare Thee Well Dorothy

Da Yie.


Service: October 29, 2022 10:00 am

Vay-Schleich & Meeson - Greece Chapel
1075 Long Pond Road
Rochester, NY 14626

Burial: October 29, 2022 11:00 am

Riverside Cemetery
2650 Lake Avenue
Rochester, NY 14612

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  1. Sending love, peace, and many prayers to all of Dorothy’s loved ones. May this time of sadness and grief with family together allow you all to also smile and remember her fondly. Peace be with you all.
    Jill Reiner

  2. Dorothy was a wonderful friend i knew from both Aburi Girls and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology…She was very calm, humble and sweet to a fault…I’m grateful to have known you on a personal level…Rest in peace Dorothy for yours was a life well lived 🙏

  3. Dorothy your death is a huge blow to all of us
    I pray for strength and comfort for your family
    You have left a huge vacuum in our hearts and we don’t know what to do to fill it
    We won’t forget you
    Your memories will live forever in our hearts
    Love you girl
    Rest in peace

    We still haven’t come to the point of accepting that you are no more with us physically.
    Saying we didn’t even believe when we heard is a cliche
    We thought it was a joke; a bad one for that matter !

    Dorothy has always been known to my sister and I as the third best friend from Aburi Girls. Her mother became ours too and she would never forget to include us in her meals whenever she came visiting at school .
    She was a new girl with no previous classmates here in Ghana but she willingly adopted our junior high school as her alma mater and joined us during old school reunions ! Even after we completed school and ended up in different universities our friendship continued to grow.
    It is unbelievable that you are gone believing it crushes our heart.
    You have left questions on our minds
    how could someone who loved so wholly and genuinely gave her all for the comfort of others just be gone like this ?
    She had just started at life again with so many plans , some she shared with us.
    It’s heartbreaking to lose you but
    We’ll choose to remember you for your kindness, your innocence and your match making skills and that ridiculous dance to the “Ashye Kele song “(at least that brings a smile to everyone’s face who remembers it )
    Thank you Dorothy for your kindness
    Thank you for your wholesomeness
    Thank you for your love that didn’t discriminate and rejoiced for others even when things seemed to be falling apart .
    We wish we could have had more time with you
    We wish the prayers we said for you had come true just in time
    Oo we wish we could have showed you one more time how priceless you are to us !
    Sleep in peace baby girl
    May angels take you home to heaven

    Love Mary and Martha


    Dorothy, your departure from our lives cut our hearts in a way we never imagined. We are burdened with a lot of questions; why has our class size been reduced?

    Dorothy was that rare addition to our Visual Arts (V1) class in Aburi Girls Secondary School. She had just arrived from the USA and had that typical American accent. A lot of us actually took our time to understand her whenever she spoke, boy, was she fast! We labelled her our ‘Obroni’.

    Although the change in environment and academic structure was different from what she was used to, she remained dedicated and determined to make the best out of her new surroundings. This was seen in how quickly she learnt to draw and paint although, we mostly made fun of each others drawings. We were, therefore, not surprised when she gained admission to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology to further the Arts programme.

    How can we forget how you always told us tales of your life and experience in the States? Or the colourful teenage magazines you always brought to school to share with us. Those of us who were curious about school and life in the States always found those stories fascinating.

    Dorothy, writing this tribute has been very difficult. It forces us to to believe that truly, you are no more with us; your smile, the sound of your voice, how you quickly rattle your American twi saying; ” me y3 bibini, me firi Ghana” Hmmm… this is a cruel one, a blow we are yet to recover from. Dorothy Prempeh, we will miss you dearly. We would still like to believe you are far away in the States; but this time a far better part of it, a part where we cannot chat or video call, a place of eternal rest.
    Dorothy Nana Prempeh, da yie, damirifa due, continue to rest in the eternal glory of the Almighty God till me meet again. You will always be in our hearts.

  6. Dorothy, your death has left most of shocked and full of questions.
    But the Lord knows best.
    May He comfort your family and bring laughter and joy to them when the time is right.
    May He strengthen all of us during this time of grief as we all try to weather this storm.
    Rest In Peace Dorothy and Rise in Glory!!

  7. It’s soo hard to believe you are no more Dorothy. Am still in shock about your demise but i know you are at a safe place.I ask for a peaceful rest for you my dear friend. Journey on my dear.😭😭😭

  8. It’s soo hard to believe you are no more. I remember i met you 2004 right when i had completed Jhs and that was when you had come to Ghana and we attended Pre-Shs classes together at Delcam and both stayed in Adenta. We quickly became friends cos i was the only one then who could understand what you said because of your ascent. I remember how you spoke about the way people had the perception in the US that Ghanaians lived on trees and i will say to you you are a witness to the luxurious and comfortable houses people live in here in Ghana and we will laugh about it. We both gained admission to our various senior high schools to study Visual Arts but still got in touch with each other. You will call to tell me you needed help with a drawing and you will come to my school and my Visual Arts teachers will assist you. Hmm! I remember our recent chat when you said God willing you will come to Ghana next year so we meet but God had a purpose for each of us and knows why he had to take you all of a sudden. Though am grieving about your demise i smile knowing i had a very good friend who was calm, friendly, dedicated and determined to achieve more for herself and to live a happy life devoid of your shortcomings. May God accept you in his bossom and grant you a peaceful rest. You will forever be in my heart. 😭😭😭😭😭

  9. my roommate, my friend, rest easy. all the memories we shared, I will forever hold dear. Till we meet again

  10. “Debbie, I love you so much. Can I take you as my little sister?” Those were your words, oh Dorothy, in the year 2010 when I was having such a bad time in life.

    Those words were ever so soothing, they gave me strength to face my troubles. And that was you Dorothy: always so loving, so pure at heart, so funny and so caring!

    Your departure has left a part of my soul maimed. I ask myself many questions; I’m left in an chasm of perplexity. And yet my only consolation is that God knows best – He’s called you home to have a peaceful rest save of all the brutality in this world.

    I’ve come to accept that. I’ve had to come to terms with whatever will stop my heart from bleeding.

    Goodbye Dorothy. Goodbye my dearest big sister. I love you more! You still live on in my heart. I will miss you gravely. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Nante yie….

  11. I recall that beautiful smile of yours and how you were willing to share or help anytime I came to you.
    Oh yes you added a lot more spice to the V1 class. May all the wonderful memories we shared comfort us during this heartbreaking time and may the Good Lord guide you safely home into eternity. Sleep well Dorothy

  12. We did baptisms and confirmation together in Ghana . I am still in shock of such a beautiful young life. I know you are resting peacefully in the bosom of the father . Fare thee well 🫡❤️

  13. Very sad time. Good to remember the good and funny times.
    I ask for a peaceful rest my dear friend.
    Nante yie..😔 😞 🕯️

  14. A sweet soul is how I describe u. Those we never met in person after abugiss but we got in touch on facebook. U were humble per ur status n welcomed everyone. Its still had to believe u have journeyed on to your maker. May you fine rest with the Lord Dorothy. RIP

  15. I’ve never met sUch a beautiful woman inside and out and I was privileged to be able to call you friend. I pray for comfort and peace for your family and friends. Although heaven has a new angel, I will forever miss you.

  16. Fading away like the stars of the morning,
    Losing their light in the glorious sun–
    Thus would we pass from the earth and its toiling,
    Only remembered by what we have done.

    Dorothy dear 🙏🙏 Your KNUST mates will forever remember you for your friendliness. We love you, but God loves you more. Rest in peace dear sister🙏

  17. Am speechless, I could not believe it when I heard the news but I know the Lord will place you at his bosom as you rest.

    I and my family will greatly miss you.

  18. How do I begin? Nana, as I affectionately called her, can not and will not hear here. She was a beautiful soul, humble being.
    When we were in school and walked to her friends/or mates , she will lightly proclaim to her mates/friends ” Do you know that I (Nana)am older than this tall boy(me)?”
    Indeed she was telling the truth but it was hard to believe.
    And now I am also proclaim the truth that dear God ,please keep her safe forever and ever. I vouch that she was a gentle personality.
    Rest thee, well.

  19. Dorothy, I’m still in shock at the news of your demise. I just want to picture you in a happier place smiling always. That is the only way I can accept this cos …. this whole thing looks like a nightmare I’m yet to wake up from. Sending prayers to your family in such a difficult time.

  20. Dorothy is still hard to believe you are gone and gone forever.
    I will always remember you for your calm and gentle demeanor .
    May our almighty God keep you in his bosom .
    Rest in peace Mate🕊🤍

  21. I couldn’t believe you passing away. It’s still like a dream.
    My next door neighbor, my sister and friend. Sleep well.

  22. You made our communications skills class exciting with your beautiful voice.i remember you for your sweet smiles and chuckles. It’s sad that you left too soon. RRIP

  23. Dorothy was a wonderful person it’s soo hard to believe she is no longer with us .
    A true friend and great listener.
    “The boundaries which divide life from death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?”at the end of the day I am forever grateful this angel decided to spend some of her time on this earth with me.

  24. Dorothy, we were planning on meeting in Washington DC. I still can’t believe you are gone. You were a very good person who loved everybody around you—the good time we shared talking from your time at Aburi Girls, to KNUSt to Rochester—our usual gossip on the phone and even meeting in Toronto Canada. Keep resting in peace. You will forever be in our hearts.

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