4 Ideas for Including Long-Distance Friends and Relatives in a Memorial Service

Given the events of the last two years, it has not always been possible for everyone to attend a memorial service that would have liked to. Whether for geographical, logistical, or health reasons, family members and friends haven’t always been able to be on-site to help mourn the loss of a loved one, which is certainly a vital part of everyone’s grieving process.

Luckily, with new challenges come new solutions.

With a little bit of additional effort, you can be sure to include the ones in the memorial service that would be there if they could, all while giving your loved one the commemoration they deserve.

Ideas for Including Family Members in Commemorating Your Loved One

Whether near or far, everyone can take part in honoring those who have passed with any of these ideas incorporated into the memorial program.

  • Make online streaming options available

There are many reasons why all of the people who want to honor their loved ones will not physically be present at the funeral home. Allow them to send their love and condolences through a virtual memorial service.

This can be achieved by one or multiple screens placed strategically in the funeral home, as well as a steady Internet connection, which allows for everyone to attend the memorial in the most realistic way possible.

Holding a virtual service naturally depends on the capacities of your funeral home and care providers. It should be planned with enough advance time, not only to allow the home to set up the necessary technology, but also to give family and friends the appropriate passwords and links.

  • Make a recording temporarily available

If family members are located in different time zones or have different home or work schedules, it would be a good idea to allow everyone access to a recording of the memorial service, at least for a short period of time. That way, everyone has a chance to say goodbye, no matter what their situation may be.

  • Hold a virtual wake 

Many of us have now become experts at video conferencing for work and family connection, and there’s no better time to use this technology than for coming together and celebrating a beloved family member.

Schedule a time that works for the largest number of people, and tell stories, laugh, cry, and appreciate the person who you are honoring, in a way that you might have never imagined possible a number of years ago.

  • Create a shareable presentation to send to family and friends

Someone among your family and friends might be talented with creating videos, so ask them to help you create a slideshow with any pictures, videos, or other mementos that you might have. This memorial presentation can be shared with the family during any part of the long-distance memorial service, and you can send a copy to them by email to keep after the commemorations have ended.

Moving Forward Together in Memory

Our loved ones are both near and far, and some might say that traditions are changing as a result of recent world events. We here at Vay-Schleich & Meeson believe that this has simply allowed us to be even more inclusive. We can now more naturally and professionally help everyone share in the gathering and commemoration of the ones you love.

We are more than happy to accommodate you in any way that we can when it comes to long-distance commemoration and memorial services.