A good and faithful friend

  1. Frank was a dear and precious friend, not only a member of our church but a person of confidence. someone with a sense of integrity and loyalty. I spent much time with him when my crises came, he and three others were there for me when my world fell apart. Everything that people have written about him is true; generous, faithful, fun-loving and having a deep Christian conviction that was an anchor for him and many others also. He and Esther were for me a rock in a time of shifting sands. I put the date of 2005 because that was when my crises came, but I knew him before and after that time. I knew him as a brother in Christ, a great friend, and an example in family, life, and business. For many years when I would come back to Rochester, one of my aims was always to get in touch with Frank – a blessed man with a blessed family. My condolences to the family and friends